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Douglas of the family hoseckMy name is Doug Hoseck. I created all the guided meditations and meditation music on this website. All my work has an embedded brainwave entrainment track. This track is important because it is what is responsible for cutting through your mental chatter. By simply listening to my meditations you can achieve a zen like meditative state. Accessing my work is very easy, you have a few options.


Free Guided meditation and meditation music

There are a few ways to access the free guided meditation and meditation music tracks. Firstly, you can get 2 x free guided meditations when you sign-up for my newsletter. To sample those and/or sign-up for my guided meditation newsletter, please visit 2 Free Meditations. Secondly, you can “purchase” another sample meditation for FREE, from my guided meditation e-shop. To view this other free sample, please click here


Guided meditation and meditation music

If you wish to get any more of my guided meditation or meditation music, then please visit my E-Shop. I sell my work for an average of $10/download a value YOU determine/download. You won’t find any slick, BS selling tricks here. I am just a guy who is passionate about meditation and who loves making meditations. I offer some free samples which you can test to decide if you like my work or not. If you like, you can buy more in my shop. Everything here is my work and when you buy anything here, you are doing business with Doug Hoseck. If you need help along the way, with anything, then please contact me.

Guided Meditation opens a window to the soul!

The zone is a state of consciousness associated with peak performance. This does not apply only to athletes, it applies to everyone. No matter what you do, you will do it better when you're in the zone. It's you but better or the best you that you can be depending on how you want to look at it.

The zone meditation

This is a short (+/- 20 minute) meditation which is made up of 2 parts. This session helps the mind emulate the "zone" state by first bringing the user to a state of profound relaxation, and while still relaxed introducing beta waves to produce the "zone" state, as well as build energy and motivation.

Compared to my other meditations, there is relatively little visualization provided in this one. Instead you are prompted to visualize yourself, doing whatever it is that you do, but doing it awesomely! This will be a great meditation to start your day. It will leave you relaxed but energized and motivated to perform at your very best. In short, it will leave you in the zone.

You will download a ZIP file which you need to Unzip to access the MP3 file.

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Free 10 minute meditations to wake up & go to sleep

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Free 10 minute meditations to wake up & go to sleep

Here are 2 short (10 min) meditations. One is designed to help you wake up & go in the morning. The other is designed to put you to sleep. If you want to download hi-quality MP3 versions of these 2 meditations (which are otherwise only available on YouTube) all you have to do is subscribe to my newsletter. As soon as you do that, I’ll give you a link to download these files.   ***************************************** Go to Sleep Use this session to fall into a deep, healthy sleep. Basically, there are a few different factors...

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