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Forgiveness – Ignite Divine Healing

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To forgive is divine and we are divine beings. Therefore we can forgive ourselves. When we forgive, we invite in the divine and ignite our personal healing process. Everything in your world is a projection from yourself. People and situations simply are, they only become good or bad when we apply our filters and judge them to be one or the other. When we judge something as 'bad' it create a negative energy. When we hold onto these negative energies, we cause 'dis-ease'. When we forgive and release, we ignite/invite divine healing. This is a very simple, repetitive process that is likely to be an enormous challenge for most.

This session uses sub-delta frequency entrainment. This entrainment has found to be effective in healing Fybromialgia and Chronic pain (dis-ease closely related to negativity).

Make sure you are well hydrated before listening. Make sure you will not be disturbed during the entire session. Sit in a comfortable, relaxed, upright position. We recommend headphones but speakers will work too.

Length: 45 Min

You will download a ZIP file. Unzip this file to extract the MP3 file.

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