About me

My name is Doug Hoseck. I created all the guided meditations and meditation music which are available to purchase & download from this website.

[NOTE: The meditation videos which I share on my blog are ALL created by other people. They are meditations which I found on YouTube which I like & wanted to share.]

All my work has an embedded brainwave entrainment track. This track is important because it is what is responsible for cutting through your mental chatter. By simply listening to my meditations you can achieve a zen like meditative state.

Accessing my work is very easy, you have a few options.

Free Samples

There are a few ways to access the free guided meditation and meditation music tracks.

Firstly, you can get 2 x free guided meditations when you sign-up for my newsletter. To sample those and/or sign-up for my guided meditation newsletter, please visit 2 Free Meditations.

Secondly, you can “purchase” another sample meditation for FREE, from my guided meditation e-shop. To view this other free sample, please click here

More Meditations

If you wish to get any more of my guided meditation or meditation music, then please visit my E-Shop. I sell my work for an average of $2.60/download.

You won’t find any slick, BS selling tricks here. I am just a guy who is passionate about meditation and who loves making meditations. I offer some free samples which you can test to decide if you like my work or not. If you like, you can buy more in my shop.

Everything here is my work and when you buy anything here, you are doing business with Doug Hoseck. If you need help along the way, with anything, then please contact me.