We are seeing a very restless world. A world where many people believe the system is broken. Many people are putting forward alternate ideas and system. This website is my foray into this arena, the world of fair trade. Let me explain further.

The concept of value

In the current system, we all place a value on what we do/create. So I want to turn this on it’s head. With a digital product, like this, and the skills/facilities I have, it is possible to do this, on this level.

The idea is simple; instead of me putting a value on these meditations, you can put a value on them. Anyone & everyone is welcome to access them, download them. All I ask in return is that you invite your friends who are into meditation, to visit this website.

Then, after using the product, after listening to the meditations, AND IF you found value in them, you are invited to return to this website and donate something to me. You determine the value of my work.

All the donations go towards created more spare time for me, so I can create more meditations:) Simple:)

So if you like either this concept or my meditations, share. Click on the envelope image, below “share the love”, on the right…do it now…