I have not created any new meditations lately ‘cos I have been involved in more technical stuff. But it is on my “to-do” list. Here is what I have been busy with lately.

A mobile application for my meditations

I have created a mobile application to distribute my meditations. If you are interested there are some links below. Please note that if you use the application, you will be steaming the meditations. For South Africans, that means data usage which you will pay for. Members of this website can simply download the meditations and put them on their mobile phone & listen using their phone’s media player. So I figure members of this website will probably not be too interested but here are the links anyway (to share with friends):

Here’s a direct link to my app (all platforms/devices): http://meditation.mobapp.at

And here is the link to the same app on the Android market (Android devices only): https://market.android.com/details?id=com.conduit.app_628ac2a81dc24681ab0153479fac335d.app

BTW – I am looking for a sponsor for the mobile application, if you know any company that might be interested, please send them the link above. It would be nice to actually get something back for all this effort:) The application has been installed by more than 1700 people since 30 Nov, 2011…

A community component on the TopGuidedMeditations.com website

I have added a little community component to the website. So next time you login on the site, please come add some details to your “profile“. Also have a browse through the “members” section to see if there is anyone you want to send a “friend” request to. And check out the “forum” where I am hoping we can get some discussion going:) Hint, hint…

I thought it might be nice to connect the few people who have registered. But it is seriously one of those use it/don’t use it things!

Have a shweeet day! Doug:)