[wptabs effect=”fade” rotate=”6000″ mode=”horizontal”][wptabtitle] About[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]screen1 - Welcome screenYou can get my FREE mobile guided meditation application. It gives you access to listen to 7 different meditation tracks when-ever you like. Also keep up to date with my social activity & latest news. What exactly is going to happen when you click the “get the app” link, depends on the device you are using right now.

“Here you will find a sampling of some of my guided meditations. All my meditations have a brainwave harmonic (brainwave entrainment) track embedded in them. This track encourages your brain into the right state of consciousness to get maximum benefit from the meditation.”

In short, it cuts through the mental chatter.


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The ‘demo’ version is the html5, mobile version. In theory, it should work on all mobile devices. But that’s just a theory:)[/wptabcontent][wptabtitle] Gallery[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]Click on the images below to enlarge

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Everyone else will have to just use the html5 version by bookmarking this URL on their smartphone:


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