My relaxing Music for Meditation series

My relaxing Music for Meditation series of 4 tracks includes relaxing music, relaxing sounds and a very relaxing brainwave entrainment track. Each one is allied to one of the elements in terms of the sounds you will hear; Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Each one will take you on a relaxing journey. Where exactly your journey will take you is completely up to you. You can download the “Music for meditation – Fire” MP3 in my free stuff section, the rest of the Music for Meditation series you can get from my e-shop.

Relaxing music for meditation

Designed for relaxing

The key element at work in my relaxing Music for Meditation series is the relaxing brainwave entrainment track. Each session has an embedded brainwave entrainment track which is designed to cycle you down to a very relaxed state of consciousness. All you need to do is listen. You are not even aware of the entrainment tones in the music, you won’t hear them but your brain will. You’ll find that this relaxing meditation music cuts straight through your usual mental chatter and gently guides you into the most relaxing meditation space you can imagine.

The relaxing music is designed to evoke the emotions of a particular element; earth, air, water or fire. All the tracks also have specific background sounds at different points in the track which highlight parts of the element you are working with in your meditation. And behind it, underneath it, through it, all, is the extremely effective brainwave entrainment track designed to relax you. This is why this series is some of the most relaxing music for meditation that you will find on the internet today.

download my relaxing music for meditation MP3’s

One track, from this series of four, is available in my Free Stuff section. It is the relaxing “Music for meditation – Fire” track which is available there. You can go there right now and stream that track without registering or logging in. But, if you do register and login, then you can download the hi-quality meditation MP3 file. After you are logged in, you’ll see the download buttons all over my “Free Stuff” section.

And for those who are interested in the other 3 tracks in this relaxing music for meditation series, you’ll have to purchase those from my e-shop at $5 per track! After purchase, you will get a download link to download the hi-quality meditation music MP3 immediately. No waiting:)