Best guided meditation apps

More and more people are turning to their mobile devices for meditation tracks, tips & techniques. The great news is that there is already an array of great apps available & more being added every day. I will show you my 5 best guided meditation apps for Android but know there are many more. And even in this small group of meditation mobile apps, you will notice that there is a great variety of choice and intended usage. Something for everyone:)

Guided meditations & music on Android

This is a great app which gives you access to 6 x different guided meditation tracks and 1 x meditation music track. The guided meditations are various lengths, from 10 minute “Go to sleep” meditations to 60 minute “Deep relaxation” meditations. There is a great choice & bound to be something to suit everyone. All this material uses scientifically proven brainwave entrainment technology which is what makes them so powerful.

For more guided meditations and relaxing music for meditation by the same author, you can visit their e-shop (I think there is another 8 tracks there @ about $5 each – very reasonable). This is a great app with an awesome choice of guided meditations, something to suits everyone’s tastes.

The website associated with this application is this one:

Guided meditations & meditation music

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Yoga Nidra Meditation on Android

This is a sweet little app. To start you choose the length of your meditation session, 7, 18 or 25 minutes. You can also choose a track on your phone to use as background music. Then hit the “start” button & listen. You are then guided through a Yoga Nidra session.

Enjoy the deep relaxation, stress relief and benefits of guided meditation without prior experience through the simple meditation technique of yoga nidra. Just a few minutes of practice will improve your peace of mind, focus and mental clarity.

Note that this free version only includes the 7-minute long guided meditation. Download the premium version with longer meditations for progressively deeper relaxation if you liked this one.

The website associated with this app is

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iZen lite on Android

iZen lite is like a playlist of short, relaxing music tracks. You can set the time you want to meditate for. You can choose whether to repeat the same track over & over (each is about 5 minutes) or setup a playlist from the available tracks.

iZen provides Zen music that helps you reach an inner calm that you can’t achieve in absolute silence. It gives your mind something peaceful and tranquil to concentrate on while you try to reach a state of higher awareness.

4 of 8 music tracks are available in iZen Lite version.

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Buddhist meditation trainer on Android

You do not have to be a buddhist to get and appreciate this app. Each day you are given some words of wisdom to meditate on. You can choose the length of your meditation session. This is a great app for someone looking to start meditating. This is designed as a very simple meditation process of 5 minutes a day, over a 10 day period.

Buddhist Meditation Trainer is your personal trainer for relaxing and enlightening meditation. It features 10 levels of enlightenment with deeper quotes to meditate on in every level. All with a simple to use meditation timer.

The nicest feature is the message it will put on your phone screen to remind you to take some time out and meditate every day!

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Meditation helper on Android

This is a great app for timing your meditation sessions and tracking them. This is aimed at people who are guiding their own meditation sessions. You set the length of time you want to meditate. You can set preparation time, sitting time and when you want to hear bells. Hit start when you’re ready to go and stop when you are done. The app will then keep a record of the time (& date) that you meditate.

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In summary

I think there is still huge scope available for application development in this niche. People are going to get bored with the games and start looking for alternative media like this. Just to re-iterate though, this is only a small sample of the huge variety of meditation mobile applications already available for Android devices. Just go to Google play and do a few searches like “guided meditation” or “meditation” to see what I mean.

If you know of any other meditation mobile applications that you can personally recommend, please add a comment below.