What does it take to turn aaaagh moments into ah-ha moments? Other than some conscious breath control, of course:) Simply put, it takes perspective. If you are in the middle of an aaaagh moment some of this might be difficult to take in but read on, some of this will make more sense soon.

What is life?

Life is nothing more than a series of lessons or experiences. I believe that for each of us, life sends us the perfect experiences we need to push us back to our divinely inspired path. We all choose to live an inspired life before we come here and we plan it in great detail. But life doesn’t always stick to the plan…

So when we stray from living the inspired life we planned, our guardians, angels, universe generally tends to throw us aaaagh moments. The more you have strayed, the more aaaaaaa in your aaaaagh.

Putting it into perspective.

The most important thing you can do with an aaaagh moment is to put it into perspective. Firstly, think back to your past aaaagh moments, did any of them kill you? No, ok, then it is unlikely that this one is gonna kill you either. Don’t forget that!

The other little thing you might notice when you review past aaaagh moments is that they diminish more & more as time goes back. Whatever is going on for you right now, this too shall pass. Don’t forget that!

And on the other side of it all is more life, more experiences, more lessons. But most of all, more opportunities. Endless opportunities. There is lots more to come. The important part is to NOT panic!

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Here’s the hard part…

It is not the experience making us go aaaaaagh, we choose to go aaaaaaagh!

For anyone in the midst of an aaaaagh moment, I can understand why this will be difficult to understand, but truly, we choose our state of being. At all times, in all ways, we are allowed to choose our state of consciousness. The question is are you choosing consciously or unconsciously?

This is where the alchemy resides. Once you understand and know how you choose your state, you can start consciously choosing your state. And that is when aaaaagh moments magically turn into ah-ha moments.