$197 discount coupon

It’s officially May Day — a celebration of spring, and a time for looking forward to the great 2012 summer ahead of us!

And I’m writing today with a gift to celebrate this time of the year — a unique voucher for you worth almost $200.

You’ve heard about the Brain Evolution System, no doubt. It’s a powerful brainwave meditation program, that delivers the benefits of 70,000 hours of meditation — just by listening for 30 minutes a day!

It’s incredibly powerful — and can help you to release stress, improve focus, boost your energy, think faster, improve your IQ — and so much more.

 The program costs $297 to in total, and has tens of thousands of fans across the globe already.

But in celebration of May Day, I managed to get you a special voucher code that enables you to grab the entire program — for just $100. That’s a saving of $197!

Here’s how to take advantage:

  1. Visit brainsalon.com
  2. On checkout enter and apply the voucher code: BE30553
  3. Check out as normal — and get the whole thing for just $100!

It’s my way of sending you wishes for an AWESOME summer!

This voucher is ONLY valid for the first 100 people to use it however, and will become invalid on Sunday evening. So, if you’re interested, take advantage NOW!