Meditation is not something new but brainwave entrainment is. It is the product of modern medical research made possible by new technology like EEG machines. The EEG has made it possible for us to measure brain activity and to find the correlation between certain states of consciousness and brain frequency. This in turn has led to the relatively new science called brainwave entrainment.

What is brainwave entrainment?

Initially scientists merely measured brain frequency & looked for correlation to our state of being. They quickly established that there is a correlation. The obvious next step in the research was to ask can we change our state of being by changing the dominant frequency in our brain? They discovered that by using binaural beats, they could affect the dominant brain frequency. And this in turn did affect our state of being. How amazing!

Binaural beats means playing 2 different frequencies, one in each ear. Our brain then picks up on the difference between these frequencies and starts to resonate at that frequency. For example, if we listen to 30hz in one ear and 38hz in the other, our brain starts to tune into a frequency of 8hz (the difference). The only problem with this tech is the fact that you need to use earphones to listen to get the effect. After this, they started working with isochronic tones. Isochronic tones are simply a single frequency embedded in the audio you are listening to. They discovered that Isochronic tones were as effective, if not more effective, at altering our dominant brainwave frequency. And you did not have to use headphones to get the effect.

What does this mean for meditation?

Meditation is a practice which can and does have an effect on our state of being (or brainwave frequency). Buddhist monks have shown the kind of incredible feats which are possible thanks to meditation. But they meditate for hours, every day, for years, to achieve this. So unless you can leave it all behind for a monastery, you are unlikely to achieve these state of being. Or at least, this was the case until the recent development of brainwave technology.

Technology was developed very quickly to embed brainwave altering frequencies, in the form of Binaural beats & Isochronic tones, into audio files. And people who meditate very quickly realized the benefits of this technology. Suddenly it is possible for someone to achieve a zen-like state of meditation without having to practice for years.

A personal experience.

I had been meditating, on and off, for more than 20 years before I discovered brainwave entrainment technology. I tried all sorts of different forms of meditation. But my biggest problem was never having enough time to meditate to achieve the benefits that experienced, well practiced meditators told of!

My son was labelled as ADHD so we started looking for alternate therapies to the pharmacopia which we would never feed our children. We found a guy who was getting great results using this new technology called brainwave entrainment. At first I was sceptical but I did the research. Then I sent my son for 6 sessions of brainwave entrainment. The results were undeniable. So I did more research.

I very quickly found a software program which allows you to embed a brainwave entrainment frequency into your meditations. I thought about it for about 3 minutes & then bought the program (even though it was the most expensive software I have ever purchased). I was not disappointed. I quickly created a couple of meditations for myself and started listening to them. Again, the results were undeniable.

In my 20 years of meditation I had never been able to achieve a meditative state as quickly and easily as I am able to when listening to a meditation with brainwave entrainment. I shared some of these with some of my friends, just to see if they got similar results. The response was the same for everyone. And, after some convincing from these friends, I decided to make these meditations available to everyone, hence this website, TopGuidedMeditations.

Since then I have also spent some time looking into and listening to meditations created by other people, using the same technology. And in each case, the effects are undeniable. Everyone creating meditations with this technology is reporting an amazing response from the people listening to the meditations. Here are some other people I have found creating amazing meditations using brainwave entrainment:

The MP3 Meditation Club – who have a large and comprehensive choice of meditations.

Om Harmonics – From the awesome people at Mindvalley comes this awesomeness!

Genius brain power – A brain empowerment suite of tools.

This is not a comprehensive list. There are loads more websites with similar meditations, as you will see after a quick Google search. These are just 4 which I have personally tried out and found to be effective. (If you know of other good sites with brainwave entrainment meditations, please add a comment with a link to the website.)

In conclusion.

I wanted to add that these meditations are NOT a replacement for any medical treatment. This is something you must try for yourself & determine the effects for you individually. We are all made out of the same building blocks but we are by no means the same. Everyone will find their own thing that works for them. And that thing might even change, as you change. That is why I never only recommend my meditations. I recognize & understand that they will work for some people, some of the time. That is why I recommend variety. Test & try until you find what works for you. And when it stops working, don’t be afraid to do more testing & trying!