Some time ago I came into contact with a sister by the name of Meg Benedict. She has a website called Soulful services where, amongst other things, she sells her meditations. We got to chatting about collaboration and to cut a long story short, she sent me a recording of her Zero Point Harmonics meditation. I then designed an audio track, with embedded brainwave entrainment (harmonics), to accompany her meditation, and sent the MP3 back to her. Today I was back on her website and was very excited to see that it is now listed as her best seller. Check out Zero Point Harmonics.

Zero Point HarmonicsHere is what Meg has to say about Zero Point Harmonics:

Zero Point (Still Point) is found in a vacuum state within a Black Hole or Vortex that produces a zero gravity field. Now considered a powerful source of unlimited energy, the Zero Point exists as the portal between the microcosm and the macrocosm. It exists as the natural pulse of life between matter and anti-matter, like a cosmic ‘heartbeat’ that fuels our Universe.

The study of geometric relationships to wave interaction (sound) has proven that music has healing powers, as it could “harmonize” the out-of-balance body. When human brainwaves synchronize with universal harmonics and the sacred geometry of PHI, the human DNA genetic programming is coded to remember all at Zero Point (Unity Consciousness).

Not only does sound effectively create biological coherence, but the acoustic scales of PHI in 432 Hz harmonics unifies all properties of the electromagnetic field with the DNA codes and cosmic consciousness in resonance.  When all human systems are aligned with intentioned thought combined with sound harmonics within the Zero Point of vortex energy…the quantum field of all possibilities opens up to us!

The Zero Point Harmonics Audio Activation is designed to synchronize brainwaves into a non-polarized, relaxed state, which enhances the bio-energetic environment required for soul-body integration and accelerated personal evolution.

But take it from me, as someone who listened to this particular meditation a number of times while making the audio backing track, this is seriously powerful stuff:) So what you waiting for, get over to Meg Benedict’s website right now!