Guided Meditation sleep quickly & peacefully. Listen to the guided meditation “Go to sleep” below. Sign-up for my newsletter to download this meditation for free.

Guided Meditation Sleep

This is a short, 10 minute, guided meditation that is designed to put you to sleep. It uses a brainwave entrainment track that cycles down from 15 hz to 0 hz (deep sleep). Listen to this meditation to put yourself to sleep quickly and painlessly.

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Download this Guided Meditation for Sleep

Guided meditation sleepIf you liked this [pl_tooltip tip=”Guided Meditation Sleep” position=”right”]meditation[/pl_tooltip] and would like to download a HI-quality, MP3 version of this meditation, please sign-up for my newsletter below. After you register, you will get an email with a link you must click to confirm your subscription. After clicking that link you will land on a webpage with a link to download this [pl_tooltip tip=”Guided Meditation Sleep” position=”right”]MP3 file[/pl_tooltip].

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You will download a ZIP file which you need to UNZIP or EXTRACT to access the MP3 file inside.

What is Brainwave Entrainment

Brainwave entrainment uses a principle called sympathetic resonance to encourage your brain toward a certain frequency. In short, there’s a tonal frequency inside the audio track of my meditations. You brain “hears” this frequency. This encourages your brain toward a specific frequency and therefore, a specific state of consciousness.

That’s the short version, for the longer version please visit my What is brainwave entrainment page.

Can a guided meditation put you to sleep?

Interesting question. What I have learnt from feedback on this [pl_tooltip tip=”Guided Meditation Sleep” position=”right”]meditation[/pl_tooltip] is that not everyone is the same. This meditation does seem to work for most. BUT it does not work for everyone. So the answer to the questions is, it depends entirely on you. Lol!

What is indisputable is the fact that meditation is good for you. So whether or not this meditation will put you to sleep is moot. So taking the time out of your day to do this meditation, whether or not this meditation puts you to sleep, cannot hurt. In fact, it is most likely going to be beneficial to you. So what you got to lose?