Houston, TX (PRWEB) November 24, 2013

Workers who spend their time on oil platforms are required to spend weeks or even months on the rig. They often work long shifts and are not permitted to return to land during their time on the rig. When they are not actually working on the offshore oil rig, they will need to have excellent accommodations and living quarters in which to rest and relax. This is critical for their comfort as well as for their safety and well-being while performing their job functions on the rig. For many years, Gulfland Structures has been creating customized accommodations designed specifically for oil rigs located offshore. The company now offers enhanced accommodations services to benefit its clients and their employees on the rigs.

Each oil rig found in the Gulf of Mexico or other bodies of water around the globe may be customized to meet certain needs and requirements of the drilling company. This means that there is not a catch-all design that is perfectly suited for accommodations for each of these oil rigs. Gulfland Structures understands the need for personalized design services for oil rig living quarters, and this is why it works with each of its valued clients to learn more about their needs before creating a design that is ideal to meet those needs. The designs take into account the space available on the rig, the comfort of the employees, weather conditions and more.

In addition, Gulfland Structures also goes the extra mile to ensure the comfort of oil rig workers and the satisfaction of its clients by constructing quality structures. After the design has been approved by an oil or petrochemical company, Gulfland Structures will install the accommodations on the oil rig with impeccable quality. These structures may be constructed with quality materials like fiberglass and steel, and they may make use of comfortable amenities and more. The offshore accommodations must be designed with durability and function, but they also should be comfortable for workers to spend time in. Gulfland Structures is now offering new offshore accommodation services to help their clients find exactly what they need for their offshore living needs.

Gulfland Structures is among the most reputable companies that design and manufacture offshore living quarters. Its facilities are currently being used on many oil rigs across the country and around the globe. Its design services are personalized to meet the needs of the client, and its manufacturing processes ensure quality and integrity of the structure.


Gulfland Structures is a true leader in the design and construction of offshore living accommodations, and the company is known for its unparalleled approach it takes to creating quality living quarters for offshore oil rigs. Those who are interested in learning more about the offshore accommodations design services available from Gulfland Structures can contact the company by phone at 888-706-1602.

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