Meditation is not just about relaxation and total relief from stress. It is a form of wholesome exercise not just for the mind but for the whole body and if meditation is done the scientific way using the proper techniques, it can result in total well being of both your mind and body. There are numerous techniques of meditation some of which are different from the usual techniques. These techniques of used well can result in both psychological and physiological well being.

Color Meditation:

Colors are not just beautiful to behold. In fact colors have been associated with mental well being and each day of the week is coupled with a certain color as per Feng Shui, Buddhist tradition and the Vedas. The color based meditation aims at wholesome spiritual healing by incorporating deep breathing and meditation exercises for each day based on the color of the day. Seven key colors are used one for each day of the week and then the healing effects of these colors are used to cleanse your body almost like a meditative bath. To infuse deep meditation music therapy can also be used in tandem with colors to increase the healing effect.

Insomnia Guided Meditation:

Insomnia is a sleep disorder indicated by continual difficulty to fall asleep. Many times doctors attribute insomnia to a stressed mind and mental tension and what better method to beat stress than meditation. Meditation will help you relax and unwind and focus your strengths to attain harmony within yourself. This technique is usually employed during bedtime making you more relaxed improving your chance towards a more deep and restful sleeps. When you make meditation a part of your daily bedtime routine it will reduce chances of s disturbed sleep and cures insomnia. The insomnia guided meditation technique send signals to the brain indicating that it is time for it to rest and hence acts as along term remedy for insomnia and other sleep related disorders that is inherent to an over active or stressful mind.

Beach guided meditation:

The world top spas and wellness centers are located in beach resorts and anybody who has to recuperate from a serious illness is immediately advised to go to the sea from days immemorial. This is because the serenity that a beach can give will result in total mental relaxation and lead to physical and spiritual bliss. This is what a beach guided meditation can do to your mind and body. The beach guided meditation technique aims at creating an environment similar to a beach with the sound of waves and the sound of the wind which will slowly lull you a state wherein you are neither awake nor asleep. Just the though of it relaxes me so much that I almost feel like I am in that state now. So imagine what actually being there will do.

Space guided meditation.

This technique involves concentrating to attain harmony between two different sound tracks. The two ears are made it listen to two different sound tracks wherein the conscious mind tries to mingle the two moving slowly into meditative state letting the subconscious mind take over. Once your subconscious mind takes charge you will listen to the same track which will be combination of the two separate ones.

So if you just crave to be one with yourself and attain spiritual bliss a mental peace them meditation is undoubtedly the way to go and trust me it is not a difficult technique to master.


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