For a lot of people, meditation is one of the best ways to calm the mind of a person and obtain peace of mind. With the current lifestyle today, a lot of stress factors can probably affect the daily activities of a person. This is also the main reason why more and more people are discovering the wonderful benefits that it can provide.

If you want to consider meditation as a form of relaxation, you can consider Guided Meditation. So what is this form of meditating? It is actually the simplest form of meditating wherein the person performing the meditation is guided all throughout the process. A person or the master will guide you from the beginning of your relaxation until the end.

So how does it work? The master simply provides a step by step instruction while you are meditating. You will then follow every instruction that he will say while you are meditating. This is actually an old style of meditating. During the old times, this kind of meditation was done in group but because of the advancement of technology, you can already do this kind of relaxation without the need for the physical presence of a guru or a person.

CDs and DVDs also conquered the meditation process. With the use of pre-recorded CDs or DVDs, you can already listen to some of the instructions from a master and perform this on the comfort of your homes. Also, you can record your own voice while reading the instructions and play them afterwards.

If you do not have a voice recorder, you can also ask your friends or relatives to read the instruction for you while you are meditating. These are some of the ways to benefit from Guided Meditation even without the physical presence of a guru.

You must also be aware that it also has different kinds depending on the techniques provided by the guru.

There are different sets of instructions depending on the technique mentioned by the instructor. Vipassana is only one of the techniques used by instructors. This kind of technique involves breathing process, visual imagination, mantra recitation, prayer meditation, dancing meditation and mindfulness meditation.

If you want your meditating experience to be effective, you need to listen carefully on the instructions and do them accordingly. You can achieve the peace of mind that you want if you can perform meditation the right way.


Michaiel Patrick Bovenes is the author of a popular series of Guided Meditation CDs and MP3s that help people clear their minds of anxiety and their bodies of stress. His soothing voice and over 25 years of teaching guided meditation helped thousands of people meditate in minutes, develop personal peace and connect with their inner power.

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