Coul Notes 14: On Progressive Relaxation (aka how to really relax and get the subconscious functioning properly) is now available at itunes and emusic. Troy Coolon LLC’s project “Coul Notes” is several years in the making. Troy Coolon LLC finally releases Coul Notes 14: On Progressive Relaxation in digital format via a .mp3 format.

This product in particular was tested by Troy Coulon himself and works “wonders for the subtle body.” Coul notes, the product line, was test marketed on ebay in the CD format and received positive reviews. People said the Coul Notes 1: Billionaire Scriptures product which is nine minute piece is “like a prayer” and Coul Notes 14 is certainly a form of meditation. It can be found, in its entirety, on, soon.

Troy Coolon LLC recognizes quality when he sees it and his form of Robin Hood Theory rolls over fences and does include the blessing of Abraham which states” I will bless them that bless thee and curse them that curse thee.”  It goes on to state that “my enemies will flee from me in seven directions.” Both of these quotes, from the bible originally, is found in Coul Notes 1.

Coul Notes 14: On Progressive Relaxation, blew my mind. Sometimes it gives me energy, a second wind. Sometimes, it makes me really relax and “let go of the tension.” Got tension, got stress, got relaxation issues, feel tight? Coul Notes 14: On Progressive Relaxation is the perfect solution. Troy Coulon again satisfies timeless need for relaxation. It does wonders for relationships, our human bodies, and more. Coulon provides a valuable service for busy people or people who would rather listen than read and in this case truly relax.

 In this particular edition of Coul Notes, however, one can say thee actor (Rhinoceros, Stone, Eminem: Where Have You Been) who has performed for millions goes “the extra mile.”

“We hope you enjoy the meditation and i’m glad someone pointed that out to me (the prayer) because I did not come to that realization until after the customer left positive feedback.”

Troy Coulon admits to influencing his unconscious mind, which seems to be dominated by hardly noticeable daimonic imagery, or symbols and signs. Hence via “auto-suggesstion” which he first learned about in health class, along with relaxation and positive affirmations work wonders if one can attain the “prayer without ceasing, conscious contact with God” frame of mind 100 Percent of the time hence using our conscious mind to guard our perfect unconscious mind that functions our heartbeat, for example, nonstop.  Hence, he literally listens to his own coul notes (pronounced cool notes) over and over again before sleep or in the middle of the day like a silverback guerilla’s midday fiesta. There is a warning to not listen to Coul Notes 14 while driving.

I learned in the Master Key System Coul Notes Project (available soon all over the internet/cloud) that the subconscious is perfect as it controls our heart beat. It is almost as if it is not of this world, as if a force beyond is directing this unceasing flow of abundance and nonstop power. Hence, the conscious mind is a gatekeeper and must protect, be grateful for, and guard the unconscious that has no reasoning, judgement. Therefore, Troy says “it took me months to grasp thee idea or concept or proper use or vision of Coul Notes 2: The Science of Getting Rich. I’m glad I persisted to reap the rewards and did not give up one minute before the miracle because my entrepreneur class called for a reality check. In that particular project, he received positive reviews, too.


Troy Coulon began…

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