There are a lot of varied methods used for guided meditation as different practitioners have different goals for initiating the meditation practice. You can achieve these goals with the help of different programs and a really effective guided meditation script. In order to arrive at a deep meditative state, a person has to follow certain steps. A majority of these steps entail attaining a relaxed and clear state of mind. This is easier said than done, as a beginner can get distracted quite easily.

People who face problems in clearing their minds and focusing usually turn to a guided meditation script for achieving a tranquil state. Guided meditation can be very effective in getting a person in touch with his inner self instead of feeling lost in the meditation and failing to keep his focus.

How to start your meditation

Although there may be a number of ways to achieve a deep meditative state, almost all of them start with the practitioner sitting in a position that is comfortable for him/her. The choice of surroundings also plays an important role as any sound or distraction can disrupt the focus. 

The process of guided meditation requires the practitioner to quiet down and clear the mind. The practitioner can listen to a prerecorded audiotape or yoga DVD for this purpose.

Another way to quiet the mind is with Breath Awareness Meditation.  When focusing on the breath, the mind quiets down.  As you focus on the breath, thoughts will arise.  Acknowledge the thoughts without judgment, and just let the thoughts float away like clouds, bringing the awareness back to the breath. 

Some people also use Mantra Meditation.  Silently repeating “Om,” the universal sound and symbol for God and supreme consciousness, is used for this purpose.

The purpose of meditation

The purpose of guided meditation sessions is to accomplish a clear state of mind that is devoid of any worldly thoughts.

The meditating person is able to experience calmness throughout the body, mind and soul and this feeling of tranquility helps in dealing with the everyday stress of life.

Role of a guided meditation script

Since many people face difficulty in maintaining their focus during meditation, they opt to use scripts for meditation.  These scripts can also be soothing sounds of music or natural phenomenon, like rain or wind, to help in eliminating excessive thoughts that clutter the mind.

The average time spent per day in a meditative state is around 15 minutes, although advanced practitioners may feel that a more significant amount of time, perhaps 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening, can be much more beneficial to further the process of enlightenment.


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