Children like adults can be affected by stress daily. Stress can be trigger by both positive and negative events. Children should learn at a young age how to identify and deal with stress. Make learning fun for them. Teach them how to deal with stress and some relaxation techniques.

Stretching is a great way to relax muscles and joint that is tight and tense. A simple stretching exercise increases the blood flow to the muscles. It can reduce joint stiffness and your body will experience better flexibility. Stretching exercises can also improve mental alertness and concentration.

Some simple stretching exercise your child can try right now include: Abdominal stretch, Shoulder and neck stretch, Upper-back stretch, Hamstring stretch, Overhead arm pull.

A simple way to bring stress under control for children is to do deep breathing. Some people tend to hyperventilate when they feel stress. As a result the heart rate increases and blood pressure goes up. Whenever the child feels that the muscles are tightening and tension is building up inside you. Stop for a minute. Relax their shoulder and use their abdominal to breath. Repeat the exercise till the child feels a sense of calm and control.

Sometimes an overly hectic schedule can leave a child feeling over whelm and stress out. Take an occasional break from their routine can provide beneficial release of stress. Surprise the child with and occasional outing. Take them to the park. Give them a treat. Bring them to their favorite restaurant. Or simply make time to play. Physical playtime can help reinvigorate their drive and get them motivated. Temporarily distraction can be a good way to deal with stress.

It allows them to regroup and handle the problems better at a later time.

Children can also pick up creative hobbies to help deal with stress. Activities and hobbies like drawing and writing can allow the child to express their anger, stress, or frustrations without hurting anyone. They can draw a picture of why they are feeling stress out. These hobbies can be turn to life skills that may aid them later in life.

Story time can provide children with stress relief. Let the child pick the story they want hear. Don’t just tell the story. Bring it to life. Have fun with it. Add a dash of sound effect. Bring in a few props. Get the child involve in the story. Stories are not just great for stress relief; they can also help the child develop their creative mind.


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