Yoga poses are amazing tools for a variety of conditions.  From addictions and afflictions to helping performance on the golf course, yoga poses are used to improve health and deliver oxygen to every muscle in the body.  While there are numerous yoga sequences which focus on a targeted group or all muscles in moderation, there are quite a few yoga poses which can be performed independently of an entire sequence. 

In this article we will be reviewing yoga positions to help with relaxation.

Child’s Pose

Child’s pose is performed by placing your knees on the ground with a bit of space in between them – about the width of your chest.  The tops of your feet are on the ground and your toes are pointed outward behind you.  Your buttocks will rest on your ankles and feet and the rest of your body will come forward.  You can choose to make a diamond with your hands on which to rest your head or you can rest your head on the floor or yoga mat and extend your arms outward in front of you for a maximum stretch. 

Once you are in position, breathe deeply with the following sequence:  Inhale and count at least 8 seconds, hold for at least 8 seconds, exhale slowly counting to 8 seconds.  If you choose to use more time, just make sure all steps of this sequence are the same.  Repeat this breath sequence at least 4 times. 

Down Dog

Down dog and child’s pose are 2 yoga poses which can be performed as a sequence.  As a matter of fact each one of these positions roll right into one another.  To get to down dog from child’s pose, change the direction of your feet so that the bottoms of your feet are on the ground.  Bring your hands up to where your head is and push up.  You may need to walk out a bit so your body is in somewhat of a triangular shape with both your hands and feet on the floor. 

Repeat the same breath sequence from above a minimum of 4 times. 

Low Cobra

To get to low cobra from down dog, simply begin walking forward with your hands until your entire body is on the floor.  Turn your feet once more so the tops are on the ground and your toes are extending away from you.  Plant your palms by the sides of your chest and raise your head off the ground, making your chin parallel with the floor. 

Repeat the same breath sequence at least 4 times. 

High Cobra

For high cobra you will raise your head even higher as if you are attempting to touch your toes with the crown of your skull.  Your arms should be straight now with your palms in the same position as low cobra. 

Repeat the breath sequence at least 4 times. 

Use these yoga poses before bed or after a long day at work when you want to stretch your muscles and relax. 


Hello.  I’m Michael Westbrook.  I personally used Yoga as part of my battle plan against nicotine addiction.  Once I started learning Yoga I realized the awesome impact it had on almost every aspect of my life.  To learn more yoga poses for free, visit

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