Modern life is stressful – extra hours at the office, added studies, juggling a career and kids. Before you get to the point of exhaustion it’s essential that you recharge. Here are our top 10 tips for just letting go.

Take a yoga class
Improve your flexibility, core strength, muscle tone and circulation as life’s stresses fade into the background. Your yoga instructor will teach you mental, physical and spiritual relaxation that you can practice at home. Try the Life Centre in Notting Hill for beginners or advanced classes.

Experience nature
Whether it’s the beach, a lake, a mountain range or even just your local park, take the time to notice the serenity and beauty of nature and you will immediately feel relaxed.

Spend time in the garden
Have you ever seen a stressed-out gardener? You might not be a natural green thumb, but planting a few bulbs, pruning roses and just trimming the hedges will provide great satisfaction and relaxation.

Have an aromatherapy bath
The warm water and the scent of the aromatherapy oils will have you relaxed in no time. Try lavender and valerian oils for a truly calming experience.

Meditation is conscious relaxation. By focusing on breathing and repeating simple mantras we can block out ‘mind-clutter’ and find inner peace and calm. Switching off conscious thoughts is not easy, but you will benefit from renewed clarity and energy by taking the time to meditate. The Meditate in London website – – can locate meditation classes close to you.

Catch up with friends
Laughter is the best medicine, so invite a group of friends out for drinks or coffee and let them entertain you with their mirth and humour.

Make sure you invite friends you can be yourself with and those who appreciate you for who you are.

Read a book
Reading is the best form of escapism. Grab yourself a fiction book that will lift your mood and let your imagination take you on a journey away from your everyday life. Try books by Jodi Picoult, John Irving or Nick Hornby, just to name a few. You can browse Amazon and have next day delivery.

Write your thoughts down
Writing your thoughts down can help clarify the issues you are facings and make sense of the emotions you are feeling. It’s a form of self-therapy that actually lightens the burden you’re feeling whilst processing your thoughts until you arrive at suitable solutions.

Take up a hobby
Put your concentration into a new hobby such as painting, stamp collecting, genealogy or pottery and you will notice your stress fade away. Why not take up a recreation involving others and take the opportunity to socialize at the same time.


Treat yourself to a relaxing spa experience.
For the ultimate spa experience try Center Parcs’ one or two day pamper packages. You can enjoy an overnight stay in an executive twin-bedded apartment, complimentary breakfast, a Decleor facial and a back, shoulder and neck massage. A Center Parcs’ spa break is the perfect way to leave the world behind.

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