Nowadays, meditation techniques of all types are very popular although they don’t have any good reason.

We spoke about making self-time, and why creating about half an hour for yourself when you can be completely alone is worth so much. There are many methods of meditation and relaxation; Tai Chi, Yoga, concentrating on one particular object and many more esoteric methods.

One of the great benefits of meditation is to lower stress levels. Stress is so much more prevalent, its levels so much higher, than was the case 100 years ago. The reasons are legion, but lack of community support, a much faster way of life and working cripplingly long hours are just three. This results in the levels of stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol, rising dangerously.

When we were hunter-gatherers and quite likely to be attacked at any moment, then this was a good thing over the short term, but nowadays the tendency is to suffer them over the long term, and it’s then that they become toxic. They interfere with our quality of sleep, and suppress the way the immune system works.

Relaxation methods are able to:

. Decrease the likelihood of a stroke or heart attack.

. Make a second heart attack more unlikely.

. Greatly reduce your chances of acquiring mental health problems.

. Improve the operation of your immune system.

. Assist in improving your memory and your ability to learn.

. Cause you to cope with everyday problems a great deal more efficiently and generally makes you feel better.

We’ve talked about Ultradian Rhythms, but just a word or two more about them. After you climb out of bed in the morning, you’ll experience between an hour and a half to two hours when your attention and concentration are excellent. After this time, for about twenty minutes, these abilities lessen.

Some people use this time for another cup of coffee, or whether Fred’s going to marry Martha in the next episode of a soap opera that you and your friends are watching.

Your time is far better spent in having a ‘power nap,’ or total relaxation. If you’re fortunate to work for a good, progressive firm, this is encouraged. The heads of the firm know full well that it’s far better to have a workforce that’s alert and rested, than to simply push people to work all the way through without any sort of a real break.

If you’re adept at self-hypnosis, (which we’ll come to soon), so much the better. This you may use in lieu of your power nap.If you work from home, then you’re able to use this twenty minute ‘slump’ to your full advantage.

Do Not be tempted to try to push through it.

Here we find yet another reason to ‘work smart- not long.’ It’s vital to keep our ability to focus our attention at its peak. As this ability drops, then our concentration falls away, our memory falters and we experience more difficulty in learning.


Mike Bond, leading us through the importance of relaxation and the dangers of stress. His Website, The Hypnosis Attraction, not only has a fund of information about all this, but also two excellent FREE downloads that you can grab, simply by clicking on The Hypnosis Attraction. You’ll find them both on the page to which you’re taken.

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