Meditation – How to Sustain Mindfulness

[youtube] Visit our website Meditation in The Shire During this talk Stephen Procter discusses how to sustain and build the momentum of Mindfulness through the correct... Video...

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Weight Loss – A Guided Meditation

See yourself as the person you wish to be. This meditation is empowering and gentle, and can become a regular tool for those who wish to lose weight. .................................................. Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Mindfulness Meditation With Breath

This is the perfect mindfulness meditation for beginners. Ruth Lera explains the basic practice of using the breath as a way to 'strengthen the muscle of mindfulness' as a training practice... Video Rating: 0 / 5

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Guided Meditation Part 1

[youtube] New York 13th of September 2009 S1 - Part 1 Here Mooji asks everyone to leave aside all concerns, and to bring their attention behind the mind into the Heart of Being. He guides the attention... Video...

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Experiencing God – Guided Meditation

Take a journey within, to your true self. By remembering who we really are, we can return to the eternal peace of the soul, then experience God, the Supreme Soul. Take a few minutes to enter... Video Rating: 4 / 5 [wprebay kw="meditation" num="62"...

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Guided Meditation for Sleep (Yin Yang Balance)

[youtube] This 15 minute guided meditation will use visualization and breath to balance the yang(active, light, fast) and the yin(slow, calm, heavy) energy in the body. This ends slow and quiet, so that... Video...

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