Anger is a demon that many people struggle with. Releasing anger is often a difficult process but it does not have to be. Anger itself is not a bad thing, it certainly has it place and its uses, sometimes. But for many of us there is just too much inside and often times it bubbles over when it shouldn’t. And then it can be a bad thing!

Flower snow cone for releasing angerThe releasing anger meditation

I am in studio, working on a meditation to aid people who need to release anger. I have struggled with anger myself and there have been many times in my past when it has come out at the worst possible moments. Being a parent, I do NOT want to pass this on to my children. So I started looking into ways to release my anger. I tried all sorts of things from working on my inner child’s anger to working on releasing anger from past lives. Nothing really had a positive effect (except maybe¬†exercise). My personal break-through happened when a very wise lady I went to see, calmly and quickly put the emotion of ‘anger’ and the idea of healing into perspective for me.

The trick with anger is that you cannot work on ‘anger’. The moment you work on something, you give it energy and life. All the work I had been doing on my anger had done nothing but feed it! The trick is to fill yourself with opposite emotions. When you fill yourself with calmness, tranquility and harmony, you starve the anger. there’s just no room left for it inside you. And eventually it dies a natural (and welcome) death:)

I took this new understanding into my own meditation sessions and suddenly started seeing awesome results. Situations when I would usually explode seemed to breeze by without me even batting an eyelid. So now I am ready to put this into a guided meditation to help others who might need some assistance releasing anger.

If you are one of those people and would like me to let you know when this meditation is ready, please sign up below.


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