The zone is a state of consciousness associated with peak performance. This does not apply only to athletes, it applies to everyone. No matter what you do, you will do it better when you’re in the zone. It’s you but better or the best you that you can be depending on how you want to look at it.

The zone meditation

This will be a short (+/- 20 minute) meditation which is made up of 2 parts.┬áThis session helps the mind emulate the “zone” state by first bringing the user to a state of profound relaxation, and while still relaxed introducing beta waves to produce the “zone” state, as well as build energy and motivation.

Compared to my other meditations, there is relatively little visualization provided in this one. Instead you are prompted to visualize yourself, doing whatever it is that you do, but doing it awesomely! This will be a great meditation to start your day. It will leave you relaxed but energized and motivated to perform at your very best. In short, it will leave you in the zone.

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